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                您好,欢迎来到 Artiz!
                STYLE NOTES
                LA QUEEN在韩国
                成立于2002年的韩国LA QUEEN,专☆注于为新娘提供专属造型方案,是韩国最优秀的我要活著出去婚礼妆面造型公司。LA QUEEN拥有一批为韩国明星、政界婚礼提供专属新ξ 娘造型方案的优秀造型师,这些钻石這是他讓我交給你级的匠人组合,为每一位新娘带来惊喜。
                Dedicated to providing the wedding for the bride makeup modeling scheme
                Founded in 2002 South Korea LA QUEEN focused on providing exclusive modeling scheme for the bride wedding makeup styling is the best company in korea. LA QUEEN has a number of outstanding politicians as the South Korean star wedding stylist bride with exclusive style program the diamond artisan combination a surprise for every bride.
                LA QUEEN创始人
                郑熙玉 ??? HEE OK.JUNG
                HEE OK.JUNG是享誉這圓缽韩国的彩妆创意大师,从杂志大片▼到时装秀场,十五年来,她始终站在时尚前沿ぷ,塑造属于她的咆哮聲響起独特时尚见解:充满玩趣,又非■凡精致。
                既是彩妆师也是主人芳疗师的ㄨHEE OK.JUNG,一直秉承“健康与美而何林也是一修煉就修煉了十幾年丽”的理念,在护肤和¤彩妆护理品的选用上下了更多的功█夫,并且更是精进于发型与妆面的结合。
                HEE OK.JUNG is a famous Korean cosmetics creative master from the magazine to the fashion show in fifteen years she always stood in the forefront of fashion belong to shape her unique insights: are full of fun elegant and extraordinary.
                Is the makeup is therapist HEE OK.JUNG has been adhering to the "health and beauty" concept in the selection of skin care and makeup care on more and more work is a combination of sophisticated in hair and makeup.
                The perennial beauty experience and love for the industry so she had a new wedding makeup styling and dedication focus on creating a bride gradually her professional and creative is the circle of people recognized in 2002 Zheng Xiyu formally established professional beauty school committed to professional services and other bride makeup.